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There are NO REQUIREMENTS to sit on the NAATI CCL exam. If your native languate is on the list of Language Other Than English, then you can sit for an exam.

If you pass the NAATI CCL exam, you will gain 5 points for your Permanent Residency in Australia.

You can book your exam online from the official NAATI CCL website.

Yes you can.

If something comes up or you want to reschedule due to other reasons, you can change your test location and date. You can do it again by logging into myNAATI, under ‘My Tests’ and follow the prompt.

Note: If you change your current test location and date, you will forfeit your previous reservation automatically. And, there is no guarantee that you will get the exam date earlier than your previous reservation.

Yes. But you will have to make a new payment to book your test date and location.

The 5 points you get after passing NAATI CCL is valid for 3 years.

No, you can’t use NAATI credentials outside Australia.

According to the official website, it usually takes 8-10 weeks after the test has been conducted. But, looking at the current trends it usually takes between 14-21 days or even earlier.

We have three packages for you. The Starter, Plus and Pro packages.

Starter package is for people who are confident in preparing for the test by themselves.

Plus package is for people who want extra time to prepare for their test.

Pro package is for people who want guided training from our trainers.

Starter Package – 1 month

Plus Package – 2 months

Pro Package- 3 months

We only do Nepali language for now. But we are soon planning to expand to other languages as well. If you are in our mailing list, we will send you a notification once we have expanded.

You can make the payment via PayPal, Credit/Debit cards. Visa, American Express and Mastercards are accepted.

We treat your information with utmost safety. And to guarantee that, we encrypt all of the transactions in our website.

Due to the nature of the product, we do not provide refunds once it has been purchased.

However, if you have a compelling reason, we may provide a refund at our discretion

There is a special offer of 10% discount for the students who are currently studying at a college or university. To claim the discount, you must bring your valid Student ID Card.

The no of practice allowed online could vary upon the packages you have chosen. You can see our product detail page to see what you are getting on different packages. Yes, the wide variety of dialogues here will cover enough topic to appear on the exam.

The amount of practice allowed online depends on the package you have chosen. Please look at the product detail in Courses page.

  • You will get latest collection of relevant vocabulary list.
  • One-on-one online session using several technology including Skype, ZOOM or Google hangout.
  • Multiple scored mock test and results(Depends upon the package you choose).
  • Multiple feedback from the trainer(Depends upon the package you choose).
  • Unlimited practicing platform (Depends upon the package you choose).
  • Hear your own recorded dialogue to evaluate yourself. 

Yes, you can easily upgrade your online package to our class session. However, you may need to pay additional amount on top of the package you have bought to upgrade to in-class environment.

No. It is against our policy to download and share any resources related with Creative Education. Any material related to Creative must be kept intact and not shared with unauthorised parties. If found out, we reserve the right to deny you further access to our materials and take necessary action against it. 

NOTE: Heavy fines and legal cases may apply for piracy.

Our marking criteria is a very close comparison of the real exams as it is marked by our trained assessors. You must keep in mind that you won’t be able to use those for official migration purposes.

We have a short guidance video for using the practice portal. You can contact us via email or web messenger if you get stuck.