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Do you know what’s better than practicing Nepali NAATI vocabulary?

Practicing words from the LATEST Nepali NAATI EXAMS!!

Here at Creative Educations, our team is working diligently to get you the most up-to-date exam topics and vocabulary from Nepali NAATI exam every month.

This month we had dialogs from Health and Housing topics.

Practice your vocabulary from each topic… and upgrade your Nepali NAATI vocabulary.

We will be back next month with newer topics for you. Till then, keep practicing.

And do you know what’s better than practicing vocabulary from the latest NAATI exam?

Practicing with an expert!!!

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As promised, here are the latest exam topics, the scenario and vocabulary from Nepali NAATI exams last month.

Topic: Health

Sudden Infant Deathअचानक हुने शिशु मृत्यु
Baby Cotशिशुको खाट / शिशुको बिस्तारा
Consultपरामर्श गर्नु
Local Community Centreस्थानीय सामुदायिक केन्द्र
Concernचासो / गुनासो / समस्या
Professional Adviceपेशागत सल्लाह / ब्यबसायीक सल्लाह
Bookठाउँ पक्का गर्नु / स्थान सुरक्षित गर्नु
Discharge (from hospital)छाड्नु / अस्पतालबाट घर पठाउनु

Topic: Housing

Property Rentघर भाडा
Rental Bondभाडा धरौटी
General Rentसामान्य भाडा
Security Departmentसुरक्षा बिभाग / धरौटी बिभाग
Protection for Landlordघरबेटीको लागि सुरक्षा / घरबेटीको लागि संरक्षण
Protection for Tenantभाडादारको लागि सुरक्षा / भाडादारको लागि संरक्षण
Loss of Rentभाडामा भएको नोक्सानी
Free Counselling for Bond Dispute धरौटीसम्बन्धि बिबादको लागि निशुल्क परामर्श (सल्लाह)
Acknowledgment Letterस्वीकार पत्र / आभार पत्र

We will be back next month with a fresh set of exam topics and vocabulary. Stay tuned!!

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