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Today we will deal with the PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks question type. We will start by understanding the task details and then, we will talk about how to solve this task.

Let’s begin.

About the Task

In the PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks task, you will see a passage with missing words. Your job is to listen to the audio prompt and then fill the blanks with correct words.

You will have 7 seconds to prepare before the audio begins playing. This means you should use the initial 7 seconds to read the passage and get an overview of what the passage is about. If you can’t finish reading the passage, it’s okay; we just want you to get started with an idea of what the passage is about.

This task assesses your listening and writing skill. And since there is no negative marking in this question type, you can give it your best shot by judging which word might come next after reading the passage and understanding its context.

You should remember that the recording plays once only. So, if you miss a part of the audio, you won’t be able to rewind it and listen to it again. Thus, you must remain concentrated the whole time.

With that in mind, let’s dive into how to handle PTE Listening Fill in the Blanks question type.

How to Solve It

Some students find it easier to type the answer directly into the computer. While this is a good way to answer the question, we recommend that students make use of the erasable note board and write the answers first on the board and later transfer it to the computer.

Since the section will only progress further after you have clicked the next button, you will have ample time to transfer your answers from the board to the computer.

As you are listening to the answer, keep focused on what the speaker says. This way, when the speaker gets to the missing word, you can be prepared to note it down in your erasable note board or directly on the computer.

If you think the speaker is speaking fast and that you might miss the next word, just write short forms of abbreviations so that you can recognise the word later which you can use to type the final answer on the computer.

After the audio is finished and you are done transcribing the answer in the computer, read the passage again to make sure the answers make sense in their context in the passage. Also, correct any spelling errors that you may have made.

This is an easy task and the majority of students will have no difficulty because the speaker dictates the answers. All you need to do is listen actively enough to identify the correct answer when the speaker speaks.

However, don’t be too confident just because we say it is an easy task, you still need to make sure that you practice enough to get into a habit of listening and writing the correct words with correct spelling.

Again, we reiterate that you should not leave a blank space. There is no negative marking, so, even if you miss the word, give it your best guess and write something that you feel fits the sentence. It’s better to have something rather than nothing.

And in the end, keep practicing. If you need any guidance with PTE, contact us today and get closer to getting the score you want in PTE.

Good luck with your exam.

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