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The most common issue that we have seen our students struggle with, in the PTE Listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answers task is that they are confused between whether to take notes or listen to the audio or read the question and options.

Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to solve this question. But before that, let’s get familiar with the task.

About the Task

In the PTE Listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answers task, you will hear an audio prompt of between 40-90 seconds. And after listening to that recording, you should select the correct answers from a list of options. Once the audio has played, you can’t listen to it again. That’s why… it’s important to remain focused and listen to the audio.

The Most Crucial Time

You will have 7 seconds to prepare before the audio begins playing. And this is the most crucial time that students usually waste.

Remember, you have 7 seconds to get ready for the prompt. And once the recording begins playing, you won’t get a second chance. So, here’s what you should do to make use of those 7 seconds.

First, read the question and quickly scan the options. Then, get ready with your erasable note board.

When the Audio Begins Playing

The moment the audio begins playing, stop looking at the question and the options and take notes. Take as many notes as you can.

This way, after the recording is done, you will have plenty of notes to look for the best answer.

Key Points

Every prompt has key points that it focuses on. Immediately note down any key points you hear in the prompt. Especially dates, names, figures, facts, events… note them down.

Context Matters

Okay… so you have taken the notes. And it is time to answer the question. What do you do?

You look at the keywords. But… instead of selecting the options with the keywords; what you do is, you look at the context. You see, this task assesses your ability to listen and analyse a recording. This means you should focus more on the context and the meaning of the sentence rather than individual words.

That’s why… look for the options with the correct context.

Penalty Applies

The thing is, even if the minimum score in this task is 0, you will be penalised “-1” for every wrong answer you give. Thus, never select an answer at random. Always make an educated guess based on the notes you have taken. When in doubt, just select the options that you are sure about. Even one correct answer is okay.

Assess the Risks and Rewards

Sometimes you will miss the key points, or you will lose track of the audio. What should we do at that time?

If you lose track of the audio and have absolutely no idea what the answer or the context or the meaning of a sentence and the prompt it, then, just pick options at random. If you don’t attempt the question, you will get zero, if you get all the answers wrong, you will get zero… that’s why it is best to select 2 options at random… you might just get lucky.

Don’t Count on Luck. Instead…

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A Summary of How to Solve this Task

So there you have it, this is what you do to solve the PTE Listening Multiple Choice Multiple Answers task.

First, read the questions.

Scan the options.

Focus fully on the audio and take as many notes as you can.

Match the context and meaning of keywords with the options

Assess the risks and rewards

And… keep practicing.

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