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Just like the Multiple-Choice, Single Answer task, in the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Multiple Answer task, you will see a passage on the left with up to 300 words and a set of questions with multiple options on the right side.

However, unlike the Multiple Choice Single Answer, in this section, there is negative marking. Thus you must be much more careful in selecting your response.

We have seen many of our students jump in and read the passage straightaway. But that is a big no-no. Instead, our suggestion is to read the questions and possible answers.

By doing this, you can easily identify the gist of the passage. Also, by reading the question and the possible options, you become much better equipped to look for the answer in the passage.

Many of the tips and strategies for this section will be similar to Multiple Choice Single Answer section. So, let’s take a look at a few general tips that will help you zero in on the correct choices without wasting your time.

Read the question and the options first

Read the question first and the options first. Doing this helps you identify the keywords that you need to lookout for in the passage. This way, when you read the passage, you will know exactly what to look for and thus can scan and skim the passage fast.

Skim the text

After you identify the keywords you need to lookout for, scan, and skim the text and look for instances where your keywords or their synonyms appear. When you find what you need in the passage, read around those areas because you are close to your answers.


To really get the correct answers, you need to look at the options again and then eliminate all the options that don’t fit in. If an option is in contrary or is unrelated to the contents of the page, then you can safely eliminate your answer and get closer to the correct answers.

Beware of negative marking

That’s the key difference between Multiple Choice Single Answer and Multiple Answer sections. In the single answer section, there is no negative marking but in this section, you will be marked negatively for your wrong answers. So, be aware of that fact. Every incorrect response will give you a -1 and every correct response will give you a +1.

Don’t waste your time

Now, just because we said you need to be careful about the negative marking in this section, it doesn’t mean that you need to waste your time trying to get all the right answers. The optimal time we recommend that you spend in this section is a maximum of 2 minutes.

If in those 2 minutes you haven’t found all the options, just select the ones you feel are correct and then move onto the next section.

This way you will save valuable time and cover up for any errors in the other sections.

In summary, here’s what you need to do to…

Read the questions, the options, and then identify the keywords.

Look for those keywords in the passage. To do that, skim and scan the entire passage for the keywords.

Then eliminate the unlikely answers. If you are in doubt, make your best guess and move on to another question. You don’t need to waste more than 2 minutes in this section.

If you want to read more you can read our blog on PTE tips.

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