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PTE re-order paragraph

In the PTE Re-Order Paragraph task, you will see two text boxes. On your left, you will see text boxes in random order. And on your right, you will see empty text boxes where you will need to put those sentences in the correct order.

We have seen that majority of our students struggle with this task as it needs a deeper understanding of the English language, the context of the sentences to identify the correct order for this task. That’s why let’s break this section down and take a look at some tips to get a good score in the PTE Re-Order Paragraph task.

But before we go into the tips and strategies for this task, we just wanted to let you know that PTE assesses your Reading skill in this section. And there is no negative marking in this section.

Moving on… here’s what you need to do to breakdown this section.

Identify the Key Idea

Each text box has one key idea in it. So, begin this task by identifying the main idea in each text box. To do that, read each text box individually and keep a note of the key idea in each box.

Here’s what every paragraph has in it… An Introduction, the Body and the Conclusion.

Therefore, what we do is, we identify those parts. But how do we do that? To find out… read on…

The Introduction

An introduction is called an introduction because it introduces an idea. Not very helpful, is it? Okay… let’s try something else.

An introduction is the basis of the entire paragraph. It helps us know what the rest of the paragraph is about. Hence, in the re-order paragraph task, you need to be on a lookout for an introduction about an idea.

But you know what… you don’t always need to find the introduction first. So, let’s move on to the next item.

The Body

In the body, the main idea from the introduction is expanded upon. So, for this part, you should be on the lookout for transition words. But remember… the body is the biggest part of any text. 

A long body can have multiple paragraphs. Your task, therefore, is to identify all the key ideas presented in the body and then re-order then correctly.

Here’s how you can do that…

Look for transition words

Transition words like, “furthermore”, “moreover”, “in addition to”, “firstly” … are the guides you need to look for in the body paragraphs. These are the giveaways that will help you re-order the text boxes in this section correctly.

Now, let’s dive deeper into this.

Look for a time sequence.

By this I mean, look at any hint of time in the sentences. Doing this will help you identify which event happens earlier and which later, thus, giving you a valuable hint in re-ordering your paragraphs.

Look for links

When we say look for links, what you need to do is look for personal pronouns (he, she, they, their, those). The reason we say this is because personal pronouns refer to nouns introduced earlier in the passage.

This means, the sentences with personal pronouns always come after the sentences with the introductory noun. And this helps you in re-ordering your paragraphs correctly.

And the final part is the conclusion. This is always the closing remark in the sentence and it is almost the same as an introduction in some texts. Therefore, it is easy to get confused between introduction and conclusion. So, let’s take a look at ways to differentiate between introduction and conclusion.

The Conclusion

This part always summarises the theme of the entire passage. So, when you are reading, keep a lookout for any hints of summarisation of the text. Words like “in conclusion”, “to sum up, “in the end” are easy ways to identify the conclusion. Now, when the conclusion is not so apparent, take a look at other paragraphs and their key ideas. This can help you eliminate the sentences that are not the conclusions.

Another technique is to look for sentences that try to give you an overall or bird’s eye view of the entire passage. Doesn’t make sense? It’s okay. With enough practice, you will start understanding and identifying the sentence structures and you can re-order them.

For that, if you need expert guidance, you can always contact us to enrol in our PTE courses. Give us a call at 0422 279 722 or send us an email at: [email protected]

Till next time!! Keep practicing.

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